Faucet Dilmacoin

Using Our Service

You agree that using our service is free of charge, and it costs nothing. is supported revenue such as donations or advertisements. We will never require you to pay to receive funds in your wallet, and nobody will ever ask you to part with any money. Due to the nature of this service and it being free we cannot guarentee uptime or be outage free.

Providing Donations

When you provide a donation you are gifting money to the service, these funds go into the faucets pool which allows other members to receive free coins. All donations are non-reversable and are a one time payment, however donations may be returned in certain circumstances by the sole decision of Faucet Dilmacoin.

Our service is to improve Dilmacoin

Our goal is to provide the Dilmacoin community with free coins to allow newbies to get started. While we do not discourage anyone using our service we have a wait period after receiving funds, this is prevent users from withdrawing all of their funds to their account.

Open Source

The code used by Faucet Dilmacoin is open source, this means that nothing is hidden and anybody can review the code. The code was created by BlameByte, and the source code is called Starter Faucet. Feel free to modify it as you please

Stored information

We store minimal information about you, the only information we store is your IP address. We store this purely to prevent multiple transactions and other abuses of our services.

Proxies, VPNs, or other IP changing actions

Please do not use any service or website as an attempt to abuse , not only are you hurting us you are also hurting Dilmacoin. The reason how is that we provide a service to allow people to receive Dilmacoin which enables newbies to get started.